The story of our company …

Casa Albinei (or “Honey House,” in English) is more than 40 years old. For three generations of our family, we have passed down a love for bees and beekeeping from grandfather to father, father to son. Beekeeping has become a family tradition for us and has grown from a small hobby into a thriving company.

Our company is a leader in beekeeping and the beekeeping business in general in the Republic of Moldova. Currently, our activities include the following:

  • Production of honey and other apiculture products.
  • Honey processing.
  • Packaging and marketing of honey.
  • Exporting 100 percent natural, premium honey..

Casa Albinei maintains more than 500 bee families. Our own honey production is about 20 tons of honey per year. 

In addition to our own production of honey, Casa Albinei buys honey from beekeeping partners in other regions of our country. Each year, we average 500 tons of honey produced and processed for export. Honey produced in the Republic of Moldova is of very high quality. Our customers highly value our products and return again and again. 

After gathering honey from our hives, Casa Abilnei tests, processes, and homogenizes its honey using the most modern equipment in its own production facility, built in 2014. To ensure the quality of all our products, Casa Albinei has established a modern laboratory for testing all honey it produces or purchases from partners. This includes testing for antibiotic residues. Our homogenized honey products also are tested in a European laboratory. In this way, we can ensure that we are providing the highest-quality natural products that fully meet the requirements of the European market.

Casa Albinei produces the following types of honey:

  • May honey.
  • Acacia honey.
  • Linden honey.
  • Polyfloral honey.

The main varieties of honey
which we produce are:

Casa Albinei offers a variety of packaging options, from 250 g glass jars and plastic containers to 300 kg metal barrels. Our honey is exported to Italy, Russia, Cyprus, Estonia, and Japan.
Casa Albinei has traditionally participated in numerous international exhibitions. Here we are proud to represent the Republic of Moldova, and our honey is always valued at the highest level and is distinguished by its unique taste and aroma.
Among the most prestigious: Sial Paris, ANUGA, GULFOOD Dubai, FoodFair Tallinn, Interpack Italy.
We also participate in local specialized beekeeping exhibitions in our country.
In 2013, at the APIMONDIA exhibition in Kiev, Ukraine, we won two gold medals, thereby evaluating the quality of our products.

Our Team

Olesea Popa

professional beekeeper

(+373) 22 318 384

Grigore Popa

chief beekeeper

(+373) 22 318 384

Vitalie Popa

professional beekeeper

(+373) 22 318 384