0 Partnership – Casa Albinei- Honey Production

Casa Albinei supplies high-quality natural honey in bulk to reputable European companies. Each year, we export approximately 600 tons of polyfloral, linden, and acacia honey produced in Moldova.

Casa Albinei accepts delivery of honey packaged in jars of various sizes. For terms and conditions, please contact us at +373  79-432-227 or write to us at casa_albinei@yahoo.com.

We collaborate with beekeepers from all regions of Moldova. Due to the successful collaboration, we have exchanged experience in beekeeping management with partners from Cyprus, Italy and Romania. Our core team of partner beekeepers, with whom we have been working for many years, numbers more than 300 professional beekeepers from across the country. We also offer training to novice beekeepers by organizing practical seminars. 

If you want to become a supplier to Casa Albinei, please contact us at +373  79-432-227 or write to us at casa_albinei@yahoo.com..