0 Tourism and Apitherapy – Casa Albinei- Honey Production

Our customers are often eager to visit the apiary to learn more about beekeeping and honey production. For this reason, we have established a visitors center at Casa Albinei. Visitors to Casa Albinei have the opportunity to learn from professional beekeepers about how they care for bee and their hives, and how honey is extracted. Visitors also can sample a variety on honeys, while spending time in nature and relaxing in a charming environment.
To capitalize on the benefits of apitherapy, customers can accommodate in our guesthouses.

The services we offer to customers who visit us are:

  • Apitherapy by bee humming and inhalation of air from the hive with propolis.
  • Tours of Casa Albinei, led by professional beekeepers.
  • Accommodation in guesthouses.
  • Tastings of freshly extracted honey (with the opportunity to purchase).

Casa Albinei is only 20 km from Chisinau, and makes for an ideal day trip from the capital. For many details and reservations you can contact us at +373 (0)79-432-227 or write to us at: olesea.popa@casaalbinei.md

We will be happy to welcome you as our guest!